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2018 Keynotes and Sessions Listing

2018 Tourism Summit keynote Addresses  and Sessions

Exclusive Summit opening keynote address

David Chalk, The Technology Navigator

Dr. David Chalk is a futurist with a 25 year history of accurately predicting the interaction of humans and machines. David knows how to succeed in business, technology and life. The founder of more than 15 successful companies; David will share an inspirational address that will stimulate you to re-examine your approach, not only to your business but to your life.

Exclusive Industry Keynote Address

Andrew Prossin, One Ocean Expeditions

One Ocean Expeditions has become one of the most successful ocean expedition companies in the World, offering once in a life time voyages to Antarctica , the Canadian Artic and Canada’s East Coast.  With a parallel commitment to safety, quality , people, and the environment, One Ocean has set a global benchmark for success. Andrew Prossin knows how to make the connection between business success and providing a truly authentic world class experience. He does not just say it – he lives it. Join us for this inspirational keynote!

Jim Kyte

The 5 P’s of Success

From Hockey Hero to Tourism.   As the first round draft pick of the Winnipeg Jets in 1982, Jim Kyte enjoyed a 17-year professional hockey career, including 13 seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL) with Winnipeg, Pittsburgh, Calgary, Ottawa and San Jose. The Ottawa native is the only legally deaf player to play in the history of the NHL and was twice nominated for the NHL’s Masterston Trophy. After sustaining a career-ending injury in an auto accident, Jim retired from hockey and transitioned into a career with Sport Business management, leading to his current role as the Dean of Algonquin College’s School of Hospitality, Tourism, and Culinary Arts. Never one to back away from a challenge, Jim’s path in life and work has always been guided by the 5 P’s. Join Jim as he describes his life principles that have allowed him to aim high and succeed – see if you can do the same!

chairman’s luncheon

Speaker: Judy Saunders, TIANS Chair

Join TIANS Chair, Judy Saunders for the traditional Chairman’s Luncheon on Monday, November 26th in the Commonwealth Room.  This annual address will provide a state of the industry from TIANS perspective and also allow for an opportunity to recognize those past leaders who have contributed so greatly to the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia over the past 41 years.  Tourism Success – Making the Connection!

gOING THE DISTANCE – tourism nova scotia keynote address

Speaker: Michele Saran, CEO – Tourism Nova Scotia

Many things have changed for Nova Scotia’s tourism sector since the Ivany Report was released in 2014, Tourism Nova Scotia was created in 2015, and our industry began rallying to work towards the common goal of reaching $4 billion in annual tourism revenues by 2024.  Join Michele Saran, CEO of Tourism Nova Scotia, to take a look at some of the exciting initiatives from the past year, and activities planned for the months ahead. 

Nova Scotia Event Strategy Update

Speakers: Minister Leo Glavine and Deputy Minister Tracey Taweel

Communities, Culture and Heritage Minister, Leo Glavine and Deputy Minister Tracey Taweel will outline the Nova Scotia Event Strategy, a key deliverable of the Nova Scotia Culture Action Plan. A strategic government-wide approach to events, will attract new visitors and deliver significant social and economic benefits for all Nova Scotians. View the Presentation

Educational Sessions

Managing your brand online with tripadvisor

Speaker: Andrew Wiens, International DMO Manager – Tripadvisor

The scope and scale of TripAdvisor has positioned the company as the foremost online review platform in the world. As Nova Scotia continues to leverage this channel, businesses need to understand and implement best practices in the review space, how to improve rankings, and how to access free resources to drive more business. Andrew Wiens returns from Trip Advisor to share practical, immediately actionable information – appropriate for owners and managers in all tourism sector. View the Presentation 

become nova scotia’s next great travel experience – pre-rEGISTRATION REQUIRED

Speaker: Heather Yule, Experience Development Manager, Tourism Nova Scotia

Are you ready to differentiate your business to attract new visitors? To authentically connect travellers with our best local flavours, places and storytellers? To offer Nova Scotia’s next must-do experience? Join Tourism Nova Scotia for a conversational workshop that introduces essential experience development concepts and skills, offers in-person expertise, and shares brand-new resources.

Participants will:
• Learn what it takes to curate a travel experience
• Gain direct insight from Nova Scotia tourism operators who have developed experiences of their own
• Get a sneak-peek at Tourism Nova Scotia’s new tools to create your experience
Receive advice and support from Tourism Nova Scotia’s entire experience development team
• Discover how experience development can grow your business

Registration is first-come first-serve. Register today! [Link:]

Culture + sport = tourism opportunity

Speaker: Communities, Culture and Heritage

In July 2020, Nova Scotia will host to the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG). The Games will be the largest sporting event ever held in Nova Scotia and this will be the first time the Games have been hosted in Atlantic Canada. A fundamental element of the Games is the showcasing of Indigenous culture. This interactive panel will share some insights on how your business and community can leverage this unprecedented opportunity.

accessible tourism – what it really means

Panel Session

Accessible Tourism is about creating inclusive environments and memories that cater to the needs of everyone, including those with physical and intellectual disabilities. This interactive panel will discuss best practices, market opportunities and how Nova Scotia can truly reposition itself as a best in class destination!

help wanted – addressing tourism’s labour crisis

Panel Session

Labour shortages are having a severe impact on tourism businesses ability to operate. Diversifying workforces is part of the solution – how can tourism operators take advantage of diverse labour pools. How can we bridge indigenous workers to tourism jobs? How can immigration programs meet tourism needs today? Join this interactive panel to discuss solutions for Nova Scotia’s tourism industry.

Building strong communities & pride of place

Develop Nova Scotia

Develop Nova Scotia’s mandate is to drive economic growth across the province through the development of strategic property and infrastructure. They do that by working with public and private organizations and communities to create sustainable places that attract and inspire people and investment. We know that visitors want to eat, drink, explore and celebrate where the locals do. Their work is about creating authentic, high quality places that reflect the values and aspirations of Nova Scotians, building on our distinct maritime heritage and diverse culture. If we get it right by Nova Scotians, we’ll create a place that is a source of pride for all and a magnet for visitors. Let’s discuss how placemaking can make a difference in growing strategic sectors like tourism, and how Develop Nova Scotia can continue to support tourism growth.


Speaker: Chris O’Shea, Consultant, Business Development Bank of Canada

Travel today is a completely different experience. Who could have envisioned even 10 years ago the level of technology integration and convenience that modern travelers get to enjoy? No industry has been impacted by technology as much as tourism and over the next few years the pace of change is going to accelerate as digital advancement is reshaping purchasing decisions and global access. In an increasingly connected, automated and data-driven world, tourism businesses will need to embrace new technologies or risk falling behind. During this informative session, the Business Development Bank of Canada will provide an update on the latest research exploring digital technology adoption of businesses in Canada and the impact on financial performance.

Tourism & the Environment – It matters

Ecology Action Centre

Nova Scotia has become a destination for those seeking authentic and nature based experiences. How we protect and manage our natural resources will play a critical role in tourism’s ability to grow and reach the economic goals. During this session, the Ecology Action Centre of Nova Scotia will explore the pressures on Nova Scotia’s vulnerable areas, what it means for the tourism industry and how you can take action to ensure a sustainable future for the province.

cannabis and the tourism industry – your questions answered

Panel Session

Join the Province of Nova Scotia Cannabis Forum to have all your questions answered. Cannabis is legal in Canada as of October 17, 2018. Legalization is a major shift for Canada and has implications for everyone. A group of representatives from several government departments will be here to answer questions from the tourism industry including the laws, workplace safety, implications for licensed premises, and the Smoke-free Places Act.


Panel Session

Tourism Nova Scotia’s market development team and in-market representatives from Germany, the UK and China will share insights about visitor expectations and how you can best prepare your business to serve international visitors.

Topics include:
• A deeper dive into the profile of the Chinese, German and UK traveller
• How to ready your business to best serve visitors from key international markets
• Tourism Nova Scotia’s business resources

Indigenous Cultural Tourism – Fostering Sustainable Partnerships

Nova Scotia Indigenous Tourism Enterprise Network

In this session participants will learn and explore the best practices of partnering with Indigenous nations and entrepreneurs as it relates to building sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships. The Nova Scotia Indigenous Tourism Enterprise Network is leading the way here in Nova Scotia by prioritizing cultural authenticity and guiding ways towards reconciliation. The organization strongly believes that a strong path to rebuilding its culture and history is through key long term investments in the Indigenous tourism industry while providing unique and authentic cultural experiences to world travellers coming to Nova Scotia.

special opportunity for tourism summit delegates

digital help desk – enhance your online presence

brought to you by tourism nova scotia and google canada

Get one-on-one support to enhance your online presence – By Appointment Only:

 • Expert advice from Google representatives on Google Business Listings,
Analytics, Search engine marketing and site speed optimizations.

• Assistance from Tourism Nova Scotia’s digital marketing team to optimize
your business listing.

• Information about opportunities to partner with Tourism Nova Scotia to develop
digital content and marketing strategies for your business.

Appointment Times are available from 10:00a.m. to 4:40p.m. and run 20 minutes.  Located in the Bedford Room at The Westin Nova Scoan

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