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2019 Crystal Tourism Awards of Excellence

Congratulations to our 2019 Winners


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Alastair & Frances Campbell Tourism Achievement Award

presented by the tourism industry association of nova scotia

An individual who has demonstrated long-term commitment, energy, service, and vision to the enhancement of the Tourism Industry in Nova Scotia.

community service award

Presented by Bay Ferries Limited

An organization or individual who has make a significant contribution to their local community.

Tourism champion Award

Presented by Discover Halifax

An individual or organization who has excelled in efforts to develop Tourism on a provincial, national, or international basis, and whose activities have made a major impact on Tourism and Culture in Nova Scotia.

Human Resource Leadership Award

Presented by NS tourism human resource council

An individual or organization who has demonstrated exemplary leadership in the development of future professionals for the Tourism Industry through education and training.

Tourism Business or Person Of The Year Award

Presented by tourism nova scotia

Recognizes the “best of the best” in one of the eight sectors. The winner of this award will be recognized for their efforts in outstanding service, dedication and commitment to the industry.

Tourism Business or Person of The Year Guidelines:

  • Involvement in local, provincial, or national Tourism Industry activities
  • Shows innovation and creativity in sales, marketing and promotions
  • Encourages a training culture and continually strives to improve product and service
  • Recognition and appreciation of Nova Scotia’s cultural diversity
  • Actively using sustainable practices

Parks Canada Sustainable Tourism Award

Presented by Parks Canada

The criteria established for the Parks Canada Sustainable Tourism Award reflect the three pillars of sustainable tourism; development-economic viability, environmental sustainability, and cultural appropriateness. The recipient of this award has made a contribution to practicing and promoting sustainable tourism in Nova Scotia by:

Criteria for nominees:

  • Demonstrated a commitment to excellence and encourages an appreciation of and respect for, our natural, cultural and aesthetic heritage
  • Strives to achieve tourism development in a manner which harmonizes economic objectives with the protection and enhancement of our natural and cultural heritage
  • Cooperated with colleagues and the industry in promoting sustainable development
  • Offered tourism products and services that are consistent with community values and the surrounding environment
  • Fostered greater public awareness of the economic, social, cultural and environmental significance of tourism

New Tourism Business of the Year Award

Presented by halifax Stanfield international airport

This award recognizes a new tourism business in Nova Scotia that has demonstrated notable achievements in areas such as: business growth/economic impact, excellence in customer service, innovation and quality focus in operation.

Culinary Tourism Award of Excellence

presented by halifax port authority

The Culinary Tourism Award of Excellence is presented to an operator, advocate or event that is dedicated to advancing the culinary tourism movement in Nova Scotia. Connecting people to the local flavours through food and beverage offerings has become integral to the provincial brand. This award recognizes the passion and excellence of our growers, restaurateurs, chefs and beverage producers as well as other relevant nominees.

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